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Bad Hersfeld

| UI-as-a-S

Together with Deutsche Bank and Microsoft, [ui!] is providing URBAN INTELLIGENCE-as-a-Service in a POC in the German city of Bad Hersfeld.

In addition to the new service itself, the project sets new standards at an international level in several ways.

The lighting is controlled as needed on the basis of real-time traffic data and weather conditions. In addition to maximum energy savings, this leads to greater traffic safety (special lighting optics in wet conditions) and minimal light pollution. Citizens can also control the lamps according to their needs via a special app. In addition, the color temperature of the lamps can be dynamically adjusted to the needs of the environment, such as special insects. Based on AI models, the project will produce various analyses that will enable prediction of energy consumption, user behavior and malfunctions.
The project is scientifically supported by the Technical University of Berlin.

The following services & solutions are implemented in Bad Hersfeld:

  • Modernization of lighting fixtures
  • traffic- and weather-dependent lighting controls
  • adjustable photometrics
  • adjustable color temperatures
  • stability tests
  • replacement of obsolete poles (use of [ui!] SmartReady fiber optic composite poles)
  • Implementation of innovative mast foundations
  • Lighting app for citizens
  • Air quality sensors and [ui!] DataLab environmental analytics
  • Weather stations
  • Sensor technology for traffic detection
  • Surface sensors for road surfaces
  • Open urban data platform according to DIN SPEC 91357
  • Climate Monitor


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