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LoRaWAN and camera-based traffic detection don't exist?

LoRaWAN represents a very affordable way to network a large number of sensors and IoT devices.

LoRaWAN ui

However, LoRa also stands for the transmission of very small data packets with acceptable latency times. This is not necessarily a disadvantage, as in many applications it is sufficient to receive certain information a few times a day at intervals that are not time-critical - fill levels of waste containers or certain meter readings, for example.

The networking of cameras, at any rate, has so far been less associated with LoRa, as these tend to stand for high data rates and real-time information.

And yet, with a new offer, we are now bringing both together: camera-based traffic recording including classification of vehicles, connected via local LoRa networks!

Admittedly, we can't do this in real-time, but nothing stands in the way of multiple data transmissions per hour. The whole thing complies with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO) and provides significantly deeper insights into traffic than the mindless counting of vehicles.


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